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Questions to ask yourself:  If your child went home with a friend today, do you have the friend's phone number? Do you have the names of the parents or guardians? If your child has a medical condition or needs medication, have you informed your school nurse or teachers? Do you know if your child has a sports activity or music lessons tonight? These are all questions that can be answered immediately with 911 Safe ChildTM.software.

911 Safe ChildTM. helps you avoid this situation:  Your child is missing. Your mind races. You can feel your heart pumping in your chest. Now is the time for calm but you are panicked!

  • Did your child go home with friends? Do you have their phone numbers?
  • Who was supposed to pick up your child from school today?
  • Was tonight the Scouts meeting?
  • If your child is in college, do you have their class schedule? If your child's phone is off for some reason, do you have phone numbers of friends in case of a family emergency?

Program features: 

911 Safe ChildTM provides instant answers to these questions. By logging in online to a secure website, you can enter information about your child any time of the day or night. Later, if you need it, the child's profile is instantly available. If you determine your child is indeed missing, abducted or kidnapped, you can file an immediate missing person report with local law enforcement. With the report provided by 911 Safe ChildTM software, you have all of the information necessary for an immediate Amber Alert or Adam Alert including:
  • Pictures of your child

  • Friends names and phone numbers

  • People allowed to pick up your child from school

  • Afterschool activities

  • Medical conditions, allergies and medications

  • Special needs such as autism, developmental disability, juvenile diabetic, hearing or vision disabilities, seizures or epilepsy

  • Last seen location

  • Last seen wearing

Immediate access for law enforcement:  If your child were to disappear or "go missing" for any reason, wouldn't you want every law enforcement officer in the country to be able to access your child's picture and vital information immediately via a computer in the police cruiser or on the cell phone? Every second counts when a child disappears. How can you stack the odds in your favor? In most cases, it takes eight to twelve hours for law enforcement authorities to gather information to issue an Amber or Adam Alert. During that critical time, an abducted child could cross two state borders or even travel to another country! How can a parent provide immediate information to law enforcement  in a kidnapping, abduction, runaway or even  a case where a child wanders away? How can parents be proactive in protecting their children?   911 Safe ChildTM has the answer.

911 Safe ChildTM. offers peace of mind against the threat of child abduction, kidnapping, cyber stalking, sexual exploitation by gathering all the information necessary in the event of a kidnapping or abduction.   911 Safe ChildTM gathers data including the child's picture, age and weight, school attendance, friends and other pertinent information in the event that the child goes missing. If a child should disappear, information stored by 911 Safe ChildTM. can assist law enforcement agencies in issuing an immediate Amber or Adam Alert.  When a parent fills out the 911 Safe ChildTM.data, there will be a recent photo of the child, information about the school including the bus that the child rides, after-school activities, contact information for friends and persons allowed to pick up the child from school. Having this data available and immediately accessible can save precious minutes during the critical "Golden Hours" after an abduction.

Internet Safety:  Because 911 Safe Child
stores information behind 256 bit encryption with data entry on a secure website, your child's information is not available to individuals that would use it unwisely to exploit your child. However, if it is needed, an online report can be accessed by a computer in the police cruiser or by smart phone immediately.  You have complete control over who can access your child's information.

According to the FBI, there were 460,699 NCIC entries for missing children in 2015. That is 1,262 children reported missing every single day in the US! Unfortunately, there is no reliable way to determine how many total children are actually missing in the U.S., as many children are never reported missing.*

Missing kids: Possible scenarios that result in missing children:

  • Family abduction especially with noncustodial parents
  • Kidnapping by strangers
  • Runaway often occurring with teenagers or foster care children
  • Wandering, especially with special needs children
  • Sexual exploitation and sex trafficking, a growing problem with the prevalence of sexual predators on social media
  • Natural disasters where families get separated by circumstances (parents at work, children in school)
  • Infant abduction more prevalent with teenage mothers 

Disasters:  One of the most dramatic scenarios that happened as a result of hurricane Katrina is that family members became separated and were actually sent to different cities. A month after the hurricane, there were still children who could not find their parents and vice versa. Can you imagine how much easier the whole situation would have been children's records been available through 911 Safe ChildTM.? During a natural disaster, a missing child can be reunited quickly.

911 Safe ChildTM.is the key to peace of mind for parents, guardians, grandparents - literally anyone who cares about the child!



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* National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

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